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Author Jerry Eicher


Dreams, hopes, friendship, love — Novelist Jerry Eicher probes the human heart in all its mystery and beauty in his heart-warming Amish fiction.


   General Fiction


Amish Romance

A reader review....

"It is a brilliant novel, destined to become classic literature if there is justice among readers and critics. In the beginning, the teacher in me wanted to scold Jerry Eicher for vagueness. Why is this not explained? Why is this character aloof in their language when there should be more meat. In the end though as you travel this literary journey, you are satisfied, not cheated in the least. Take the ride friends. It is well worth it."

A reader review….

Although not for the faint of heart, this is a must read for any thinking person with his eyes open to the reality that not all is well even though men are crying peace all around us. Written as a political fiction thriller ; I would highly recommend it to be read in a soul searching way; considering whether we have an anchor that can keep our souls though all hell were to break loose. Warning!!! If you start this book, make sure you have four hours of free time, cause you're not laying it down till the end . Consider yourself forewarned!

A reader review…

This beautiful story pulls you into two lives. Two good people doing the work set before them by the Lord. Two people that are made uncomfortable by the other. How do they end up loving each other? Taste and see this is a gout read!