Author Jerry Eicher

  “It is Written.”


Ours is a world that has embraces almost complete opposition to any kind of barrier that limits human behavior. This is difficult to see at times, because of the strong countermeasures utilized by these individuals to minimize the damage to themselves which emanates from such a lawless environment.

In our present culture the individual is allowed to place any limits on the incoming actions of others. What is not tolerated is limits on actions which flow outward. This dichotomy is solved in the modern mind by the professed intention to do no harm. Anything is permissible, yet at the same time your own life is turned into an armed camp.

           This is an illusion, which cannot be maintained. The forces flowing outward from the self are intrinsic in nature and are experientially a thousand times greater in strength than any force which opposes. The inevitable devaluation of any opposition to the desires of the self are as assured as the rising of the sun.   

        The result is the gathering into camps of individuals with equal outflows and equal hatred for any resistance. They profess vehement opposition to restrictions, but the rule only applies to themselves. In the end there is but one class of individuals who can tolerate barriers in the lives of others and in themselves, those who believe they were given their laws by God.

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There are diseases of the body which manifest themselves in open sores and protruding tumors, but professionalism in a church is a disease of the heart, it clogs the arteries of the soul. One morning the preachers awaken and the congregation is in cardiac arrest and no one has the slightest idea why. 


He Was There…

           You held me in those nights of pain, waiting for the morning, knowing that hope was gone, yet not believing it was true.

            You were there, I know that now. I couldn’t believe that You would stand beside me and allow such pain. I thought that You and Heaven were about something else. I thought that You had come to change things. I thought so many things in that shroud of agony. I just didn’t it was You.

           I could say that I should have known better, that I should have understood, but what man can know how dark the night can be, and put that and You together.

 Looking back I see what You could see. That we would not comprehend, and yet You stayed. You knew that You would also have to wait, would have to let the moment pass alone, standing there not being seen, not being understood, knowing that what You knew, we in the hour never would.  



This is age when God is looking to the common man. Men are in a forgotten place, a despised place. The world’s idea of a man has become Christian masculinity, a spiritualized version of the female, just a step lower on the ladder.   

The church more often than not, produces spiritual peacocks, pedigreed stallions who trot the ring with arched necks and raised tail. That is their definition of Holy Men, who are larger useless in the work that God is doing.

I say we need Men who can handle Holy things without becoming arrogant, puffed up, and full of themselves.

If we want to know where God is working in our generation, we will look to the common man. That is where God is.