Author Jerry Eicher

  “It is Written.”


I’m currently working on two non-fiction projects. A theological work I’ve wanted to write for a long time. Sort of a grand overview of Christian Living, and the theological framework behind things. The revisions have been intense with various inputs from interested parties. The title has changed several times, with the current one being, “Why Heaven Chose to Suffer.”

The plan is to open with an unified atonement theory combining the early church idea  which is known as “Christus Victor” and the later theory worked out by Anselm of  Canterbury, commonly known as the “Satisfaction  or Latin Theory.” From there a launch is made into Galatians and Martin Luther of all people. I never thought I would pay much attention to his “faith alone” theology, but turns out he has a vital part to play on the journey of faith. Provided his placement of “faith alone” is correct, which I think it isn’t. In the right place, i.e. the cross, the story of redemption is truly an amazing piece of art.  

Fiction is currently a non-starter. Seems to have to run its course in relation to sales, so I’m using the downtime to write things I enjoy, since money isn’t an issue anyway. Someday I need to write fiction again, which should be literary, instead of the run of the mill Amish love stories I have been writing. Don’t think sales will be any greater. My one literary work, “When Hearts Break,” took over 5 years to complete, with several complete re-writes, including point of view switches. Finally found the voice I wanted in another book I ran across, “Never Let Me Go,” a secular tome about an awful subject, the futuristic fictional cloning of human beings. Sales have been dismal. Lots of hate filled reviews.

The other non-fiction work is my shot at devotional writing. Several readers have mention the need, so why not? For a template I’m using the whole “God Calling,” -- “Jesus Calling” model. The current tile is “God Speaking.” He sounds much more like the God of scripture than does the voice of either of the other tomes. Sales of course, could be a problem. Haven’t ventured to present the project to either the agent or the publisher.